About Us

About Us

Smart Stone is established in 2005, is located in Baoan Town of Shenzhen city , as a leading hardware products manufacturers in China, it is integrating technical/production/marketing/service to a body, is engaged in zinc, aluminum die casting and mould design and manufacture; precision stamping ,sheet metal ; injection molded ; secondary processing, surface treatment and finished product assembly professional company; The products are widely used in Telecommunication instruments, Medical instruments, household appliances, kitchen equipment and utensils, Power and Hand tools, transmission ,LED lighting accessories, heavy truck parts, Motor car parts .
The company has excellent and efficient technical personnel team and advanced facilities; In the aspect of equipment, the company introduced a world-class high precision die casting/injection molding equipment, Laser cutting machine; CNC shearing machine; CNC Puching machine; CNC bending machine ,in addition also introduced foreign famous brand cutting CNC machine tools, precision spark machine, machining center and other precision mold manufacturing and product processing equipment; Hexagon (imported from USA) & zhaoschneider (imported from Germany )three coordinates (CMM) and quadratic element and other advanced testing instruments.
Smart Stone is always seeking cooperation within upstream and downstream industry. We will continue to serve our customers with high-value products. 
Stone is a symbol that solid rock shocks to the tip of the high and new technology . With the growing significance of manufacturing factory, Smart Stone aims to be recognized as a reliable partner in furniture products, auto parts, home appliances, telecommunication products, illuminate products and other parts.. Through our wide range of metal parts and plastic parts, we shall continuously cater to the evolving needs of clients and consumers alike.
Our every step is geared towards innovation and ingenuity, so that we may play a valuable role in the development of products that can meet clients’ requirements .

Smart Stone dedicates itself to maintaining the highest standards of quality. We are ISO 9001 certified, attesting to stringent practices and policies that we hold in place to meet the demands of our clients.

“Staying ahead of the curve”

Smart Stone is constantly in pursuit of the latest advancements in engineering and fabrication. Our goal is to always stay ahead of the curve, greatly investing in the development of people and the acquisition of knowledge. We believe that by persistently pushing the boundaries of technology, we can add more value to the products and services that we offer.

“100% accuracy in design and development”

Our solutions are totally tailor-made according to the exacting needs of our clients. To begin with, we strive to understand their requirements to the last detail, ensuring 100% accuracy in our design and development. Keeping in stride with an ever-changing technology landscape allows us to stay tuned to our clients’ business objectives.

“Speed is a key factor in our processes”

Even with our focus on product quality and customer service, we make sure that we never have to compromise on our committed timelines. Being in a highly fluid industry, speed is a key factor in all our processes. We work hard to deliver our solutions in a prompt manner, always meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.